Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Importance of chatbot's personality. Karolina Kuligowska

Dr. Karolina Kuligowska is working on commercial implementations of chatbots, evaluating their performance. I’ve asked Karolina to share her experience with my blog's readers.

Is it possible to measure the user satisfaction when dealing with chat bot?

Karolina Kuligowska: "In my opinion it is of course possible to measure the user satisfaction when dealing with chatbots. The only problem lies in definition. Until today scientists cannot agree on the precise meaning of the term satisfaction, therefore many measures depend on qualitative results. As they are not quantitative ones, it is difficult to make statistical analysis or comparisons between them. According to my research, it is possible to measure performance, usability and overall quality evaluation of every chat bot. User satisfaction, or user experience, can constitute a part of that evaluation - either in a form of a structured yes/no questionnaire or in a form of unstructured open-ended questions."

Do you think the bot's personality is important in this context?

Karolina Kuligowska: "Chatbot's personality is particularly important in the context of user satisfaction measures. Personality of a chatbot influences its believability in the eye of the user and increases the level of human-computer interaction. Usually, the richer the personality of a chatbot (expressed throughout information about their self-being, biographical facts, psychological outline, and ability to express emotions), the greater the user satisfaction of communicating with it."


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