Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Chatbots. News Digest 03/16

Tara the chatbot hires freelancers so you don’t have to

Tara is a Web-based chatbot designed to help small businesses get jobs done that require freelance contractors; maybe building an app or a website, designing a new logo, or even writing blog posts and marketing copy.
Source: thenextweb.com

Sephora Launches Chatbot On Messaging App Kik

Sephora is strong on Snapchat. Seemingly, it’s looking like it’s figured out Kik too, and it’s doing so by using a chatbot, rather than humans to feed its communications.
Source: forbes.com

Microsoft AI chatbot promptly becomes Nazi

Microsoft has pulled the plug on on Tay, a twitter AI chatbot that wentfrom zero to Nazi in a matter of hours after being launched.
Source: boingboing.net

Meet Tina, The Clever Chat Bot Charming 2.6 Million People In Iran

Tina isn’t a real person. She’s a chat bot developed by an app development company in Iran, and she’s been programmed with personality traits that make her seem compassionate, witty and useful.
Source: forbes.com

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