Monday, February 29, 2016

Chatbots. News Digest 02/16

Look at applications where chatbots are useful.

1. The robot lawyer

Joshua Browder, a Stanford University freshman, created a robot to appeal parking tickets in the UK, which has saved drivers $3 million dollars and he plans bring the bot to New York this spring. The robot lawyer can generate documents and answer legal questions, but won’t charge you hundreds of dollars in fees.
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2. Chatbot for Local Services

Assist has recently raised an investment of $5.5 million. Using Assist is really easy: with a simple message sent to the service, among other things, book reservations, order tickets, book hotels, send flowers, hire a courier, get food delivered, and more, all by simply having a conversation.

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3. The Meteorologist

A Chinese morning news show is using Microsoft's XiaoIce, a deep learning A.I. software that uses smart cloud and big data to report weather forecasts.

4. The prank caller

Roger Anderson creates ingenious AI chatbot to waste time of telemarketers. The Jolly Roger telephone is a chatbot that can string along pesky callers pedalling phone insurance or business loans by using a recorded human voice saying things such as 'Yes', 'Uh huh' and 'Right' at perfectly timed moments in the conversation.

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